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Our Philosophy is pretty straight forward: We want you to love your tattoo on day 1000, like you do on day 1

The Pasadena Tattoo Shop is #1 in Customer Satisfaction, and when you pair that up with artists that do killer work, you have a recipe for amazing work.

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Tattoo Aftercare

We started all at a different place.

Some of our artists have been bankers, lawyers, accountants, teachers, and fire fighters.

Then we all had different epiphany moments… but they all revolved around one common idea. We weren’t expressing ourselves in a way we were drawn to

So we went to get our first tattoo, at different tattoo shops in the Pasadena area, and all, immediately, began to love the feeling of having our passion, our expression, and our desires on our body, like a trophy case of who we are, and LOVED that feeling.

Then we realized that being a tattoo artist is the avenue that we could take to help others feel like we do, because there are people who obviously feel like us.

But we realized that Pasadena didn’t have a tattoo shop for all, there were people who were good at one thing, but we all had different styles that we enjoyed, and over the course of the years, we have added artists that are great at ALL different types of tattooing to create a shop that caters to all!

So everyone can have that same feeling of happiness, and expression, that we all felt the day we got our first tattoo!

As the #1 Tattoo Shop in Pasadena California, we pride ourselves on providing amazing customer service, completely custom artwork, and idle hands to create works of art you will want to show off for years to come.

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