Tattoo After Care

So you just got a tattoo with us at the Pasadena Tattoo Shop, and you really don’t want to mess it up, get in infected, and make it look the best it can for years to come?

Tattoo Artist in Pasadena Ca Wrapping Tattoo with Bandage

We don’t blame you, getting a tattoo is a big investment, and takes a heavy commitment to want something like this. So here are some simple steps that you can take in order to keep your tattoo free from infection, and make it look good for as long as possible.

Step #1 Take the bandage off and wash it with Antibacterial soap ONLY

Now unless you want your arm to burn like you are holding a blow torch to your arm you will want to make sure you follow these instructions. The bandage should stay on for 2-3 hours…

*Unless your tattoo artists specifies otherwise*

Afterwards you will remove it and wash it with Antibacterial Soap like this one that is NOT SCENTED. Fragrance can make it burn like no other, and after sitting for a while getting ink shoved into your skin, the last thing you want to feel is another burning sensation on your arm right? Right.

Step #2 Apply Ointment

It is important to not let your tattoo get dry so applying ointment like Aquaphor to the tattoo so that it stays moisturized is important.

Pasadena Tattoo Shop Recommended Ointment For After Care

The drier that it gets, while that pigment is settling into the skin, the easier it is to crack, and let the ink fade which will make your tattoo age before your eyes.

The Team here at the Pasadena Tattoo shop recommends applying ointment to the skin 2-5 times per day depending on how dry your skin naturally gets.

You will continue to clean it with the antibacterial soap and putting the ointment on the skin as follows for 7 to 14 days, after which you can begin putting on unscented lotion to make that tattoo sparkle

Step #3 Let That Baby Breathe.

It is important that your tattoo gets oxygen to help the healing process and getting it unbandaged is important for that. Let that baby Breath!

Additional Tips from the Pasadena Tattoo Team

  • Don’t expose your tattoo in the sun for long period of time after you get it.
  • A client of ours came here from Arizona during the summer, and after we completed his sleeve he went to church the next day and explained the sun hitting his tattoo ,” As if someone was running a knife blade along his arm and peeling the skin off”
  • That does not mean you should cover your tattoo with clothing so the sun never sees it, but if it is painful to have it out, it might be wise to cover it until it begins to heal more.

Want to avoid infection?
Clean Your Bedding & Don’t Sleep with Dogs or animals in it.

Animal hair is seriously disgusting, and having an open wound with debris from animals.. in contact… for multiple hours a night… for multiple nights… is a recipe for infection.

Clean your bedding and let fluffy sleep on the couch for a night or two.

Don’t swim for at least a month

Again, water with multiple different types of fluids in it is a recipe for infection. Bathing with your tattoo temporarily out of water is one thing, being in salt water, with animal feces all over.. completely different story.